Model MultiPack Industry Ltd. was established with a view to produce of :

  • PET
  • BOPP Flim etc
  • Metalized Flim
  • Aluminium Foil
  • Poly coated paper
  • Manufacturing of Alu/ Alu Foil
  • Converter & Printer of Strip Foil
  • PVC /  PVDC Flim for Pharmaceutical etc.

The company Import all Raw materials from abroad regular basis like:

  • BOPP Flim etc
  • Metalized Flim
  • Un-Printed PET Flim
  • Un-Printed Strip Foil
  • Un-Printed BOPP Flim
  • Un-Printed Cigarette Foil
  • Un-Printed Metalized Flim
  • Un- Printed Aluminium Foil
  • Un-Printed Poly Coated Paper


Manufacturers/Suppliers are requested to contact us for technical specifications and quantities for your price offer.