An international trading company established in the year 1986 supplying all types of Pharmaceutical API/Raw Materials/Packing Materials/ Machines/Projects and Quality Control Equipment especially for pharmaceutical and food sector. Nest International [Pte] Ltd. is one of the top 10 trading company in Bangladesh in the field of pharmaceuticals. There are more than 60 foreign suppliers/manufacturers doing business years to years.

We have 3 divisions :

  1.                                           Packaging Materials (Div I )
  2.                                           API/Pharmaceutical Raw Materials  (Div II)
  3.                                           Machines and Quality Control Equipment (Div III)

Due to long term relationship and strong support the customers are enjoying with us and take any risk and responsibility in the case of quality of the products and services on time.

We take part in local and international exhibitions where customers-buyers can meet each other under one umbrella in a year which is part of our practice.

We welcome all manufacturers/suppliers to contact us for any type of product they offer